Monday, May 25, 2009

Web Design 2 : Project concept proposal

Project Definition

This project is redesign the website of asian heritage row.


Current Site's Analysis Goals

For this site, the menu bar need to be enhance due to the low acttractiveness. The button can be also change to images in order to make the nagivation look interesting rather than a plain button. Besides, more beautiful images can be used to make the whole layout more attractive. The current images that being used is also not large enough and could not be enlarge. Further more, the overall site just introduce the design of the places but not the food in details. More than that, prices should be list out to give a roughly information for users, this may make user feel convenient to browse through this site and knowing whether they are afford for the meals there. Flash animation can also be added which is gif to make the web more alive. The most important thing is the site should be always updated for the latest promotion and the promotion have to be putting in for a larger images.

Client's Analysis

Asian Heritage Row (AHR) runs along the quaint Jalan Doraisamy, which is situated just off Jalan Sultan Ismail, next to the Sheraton Imperial Hotel. It is strategically located in the heart of the city and is growing in popularity as a preferred destination for the young and trendy. It encompasses a row of elegant and charming restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and even has a foot reflexology salon. These 80-year old prewar houses, that were once abandoned and ignored, have now been given new life with F&B outlets of international standards.

Kuala Lumpur has become a hive of dynamic activity and is quickly emerging as an international metropolis in her own right. KL city firmly embraces a modern vision, yet its rich heritage has never been forgotten. This harmonious merge of old and new is revealed in a fusion of tradition and modernity in both Kuala Lumpur's culture and infrastructure.

In following with the traditions of the city, Asian Heritage Row was developed to encapsulate the city's past, present and future. As with most great cities of the world, which have their unique cultural and leisure districts (eg. Montmart in Paris, Soho in New York, Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong and Clark Quay in Singapore), Asian Heritage Row aims to position itself as a new landmark for the city as a cultural, dining and entertainment district for both international tourists and locals.

The Asian Heritage Row that we know of today reflects a new and modern era for city goers. It is a place where power lunches and dinner parties take place. It is trendy, hip and unmistakably cosmopolitan. Yet, it is distinctively Malaysian and cultural in architecture.

Anchoring the row is CoChine Lounge and Restaurant and Bar SaVanh, a restaurant and bar with a unique reflection of contemporary Asian lifestyle. Offering Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian fare, paired with an Angkor Wat-like serenity in its dor, it has received various accolades such as the award for Best Bar of the Year 2004 (JUICE Malaysia).

Next to CoChine is the Vanilla Box, a place for delicious cakes and pastries. And upstairs is the Wine Room, where people come to relax and unwind after a long day's work.


Kristao is a Malay-Portuguese restaurant that stays true to its Malaccan-Portuguese roots, and just next door is Senja Bistro that cooks up a truly traditional Malay meal. Further down the row, is That Indian Thing; an Indian restaurant with a contemporary twist in its or as well as in their preparation of food.

Bar Blonde is a modern bar and lounge catered to the yuppy crowd. Ivy Restaurant is an English-style restaurant and pub that has the best fish and chips in town.

Old Cottage Foot Reflexology is the only outlet that is not a food and beverage spot along the row. But its interior and design is done with very tasteful flair and it has its own list of loyal customers and celebrity clients.

Housed in the next 7 lots is The Loft KL group, with Mezzanote, Tokyo-Tei, Ye Chine restaurants under its roof. It also is a hot clubbing night spot with The Loft Upstairs, and Cynna Bar. It is the latest among the best of entertainment places listed in tourist books and travel websites.

In the next building, sits Palacio restaurant, which is a French and Spanish eatery. And finally, last on the block is Buharry, a favourite local mamak restaurant for casual meetings.

Asian Heritage Row has grown to be one of the trendiest strips in Kuala Lumpur. It is a place for tourists to come and savour the many types of food, and also a place for KL-ites to kick of their shoes and have a relaxing time. It attracts the sophisticated diner, as well as upper-class party-goers such as celebrities, dignitaries and members of the royal families.

The founder and developer of Asian Heritage Row, had a vision to develop the neglected colonial structures, into aesthetically modern architectural pieces that would still maintain the heritage and identity of the original Neo-classical style architecture of the early 20th century. It was a huge project to undertake and had its promoters encountered various risks and hurdles. This vision has however, now become a reality and the once quiet street has been transformed into the most hip and popular area in KL for fine dining and entertainment.


Short and Long-term Site Goals

For the current web, there are less attractive and need to be more beautify the overall site. The first impression for the site is playing an important role, so the site need to be more user friendly and having a comfortable look in order to get the user’s attention and re-visiting the site again.


Target Audience

For the person that this site is aiming for is around the ages from 21~55. This is because for the clubbing purposes, users need to be in the age of 21 above so that they will be able to get in for the pubs. The design is also a standard-look which mean only the certain people that is manage to earn for their own income are able to enter the certain places. Mostly for those users who browsing through this site is going to know the latest promotions and event that is organized. So, by adding more information about the promotions and events , this may playing an important role to grab more attention from the customers to visit.

analysis for redesign client's website

The benefit of this website is you can easily get a lot of information like a news updates, news promotion, news event from AHR.In other hand,it also including some information like history of AHR,establishments,gallery and look for job.The uniqueness of AHR is got all sorts of restaurant from every country from asian, so you will be enjoying having all kind of different delicious food from every country without going there.

this is side view from bar savanh/cochine lounge restaurant,
the designer use a lot of natural elements like foliage and the water feature to create a warmth and comfort place.

this sandstone sculptures can be resprerent the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Cambodian.

this is entrance to bar savanh restaurant.

before you entering, you will tread over a fish pond on their way to the main bar. 

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shooting photo from asian heritage row

Web Design2: moodboard

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